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Registration Calls

About every other month, we host a live Registrars' Call (welcoming any and all members of Group Committees and Area Service Teams) via Skype for Business and phone.

Here are reference materials for/from those calls:

27 June, 2018

Registration Call Slides: Navigating myscouts

(These slides of graphic dense and are in black-and-white to reduce the file-size.)

18 April, 2018

Registration Call Slides: Improvements and Updates for Spring 2018

How to Seek Help

LDS Self-Registration Process - updated 2018 ** 

Group Billing Code Process  **

Coversheet: 2018-19 Participants and Volunteers (combined) **

**Documents to be referenced during call.  Processes will not be covered in detail; focus will be on your questions (if applicable).**

7 March, 2018

Registration Call Slides: 2018-19 Prep and Processes

29 November, 2017

Registrars Call Slides:  Volunteer Registration - myscouts basics

11 October, 2017

Registrars' Call Slides: Active for All

Eligible to Attend Quick Guide

23 August, 2017

Registrars' Call Slides:  Ready for September

7 June, 2017

Registrars' Call Slides: Tips to Improve Support; myscouts Registration - How It Works

Supplement: Tips to Improve Support; myscouts Registration - How It Works

26 April, 2017

Registrars' Call Slides: Registration - Spring 2017

LDS Self-Registration Process (Outlined and Explained)

15 March, 2017

Registrars' Call Slides: Registration Spring 2017 FAQs

Registration Spring 2017: FAQs

Check out the updated Member Registration and Screening Resources

1 February, 2017

Registrars' Call Slides: Get Online Ready

Registrars' Call Slides: Get Online Ready - with LDS extras

Spring Registration 2017-18: How You Can Help

Group Financial Information Request Form (FILLABLE)

Group Financial Information Request Form

24 November, 2016

Registrars' Call Slides: From Registered to Ready to Serve

5 October, 2016

Registrars' Call Slides: Training Updates and "Edit Parents" Feature

22 August, 2016

Registrars' Call Slides: Registering Participants and Volunteers

Registrars' Guide: Group Registration Set Up 2016-17

Registrars' Guide: Registering Participants 2016-17

Registrars' Guide: Registering Volunteers 2016-17

15 June, 2016

Registrars' Call Slides (1): Handling Volunteers and Rover Registrations

Registrars' Call Slides (2): Preparing your Registration Packages for Submission

27 April, 2016

No Slides, please see Registrars' Guide: Intro to myscouts (2016-17)

6 April, 2016

Registrars' Call (6 April, 2016) Slides: Avoiding Registration Pitfalls

Our upcoming call:  Wednesday, 22 August (tentatively)

An email with call details is sent out to Group/Area Registrars, Commissioners and Treasurers, plus other interested members about two weeks prior to the event.

Next Call:  will likely be in early to mid-October.  Date to be confirmed.

If you have questions, suggestions or topics you'd like covered, or to request call-in details, please contact