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Before the beginning of the year: Starting out right

Group Charter Renewal Form

Group Financial Information

Groups must complete and send this form to National in order to receive refunds paid for fees paid through/by the Group and to allow for online Self-Registration. (One time only unless bank/account details change.)

Group Financial Information Request Form (FILLABLE)

Group Financial Information Request Form

After the Scouting year is over: Wrapping up the year-end

Group Annual Report

Groups are expected to submit reports on their annual membership, accomplishments and activities on or before 30 November of the next Scouting year. (eg. Annual Reports for the 2015-16 Scouting year are due before 30 November, 2016)

Group Annual Report (template)

Group Annual Report (template - Word)

Group Financial Report

Except for some LDS Scouting Groups*, all Groups are required to submit reports on their income and spending each year along with the Annual Report.

Group Financial Reporting Guide

Group Financial Report (template)

Group Financial Report (template - Excel)

*LDS Scouting Groups that do not received funding through fundraisers and/or donations, and have programs fully funded through the Church budget should use this template as a example. This letter should be accompanied by a completed Annual Report.

LDS Letter in lieu of Financial Report (template)