Guides and Quick Reference Instructions (for Groups)

For detailed guides and quick reference instruction sheets for using myscouts.


Registration and Readiness Call Resources

Find reference and recap materials relating to bi-monthly live Conference/Skype Calls.

Group Forms  

From Charters to Annual Reports, each year, Groups are required provide Council with some basic information.

Member Registration and Screening

Instruction sheets to assist with online Self-Registration 

plus traditional printable Registration and Screening forms, PRC information

and Coversheets for submitting with paper documents


Certificates of Insurance (COI) Requests

COI for Facilities or Activities (Requested by groups, volunteers, CRM/SRM or Vendor for facilities, activities, school, gym, church, non-Scout camp/property).

COIs are valid April 1 to the following April 1. Active COIs from the previous year are renewed at 11:59 pm March 31 each year and available the first week in April.

If a generic COI (i.e. the Vendor/organization is not specifically named) is acceptable to the Vendor/organization, please request the generic.

If the Vendor/organization asks to be named on the COI, a copy of an agreement/contract is required. (This is a requirement of Marsh, our insurer.) Send the agreement/contract with the request to westcoi@scouts.ca for review. 

If no contract is supplied, then an Indemnification Agreement (IA) could replace the agreement or contract. If needed, please request the IA form from westcoi@scouts.ca.

If no agreement/contract or IA is provided, a named COI cannot be issued; the generic COI will be provided. 

If we have used this Vendor before then it may take 5 business days to receive a named certificate. If this is a new facility, then a named COI can take up to 10 business days.

Contact westcoi@scouts.ca to see whether this is a new facility and the timeline for providing the COI.

Only the Operations Manager or Regional Director can bind Scouts Canada to an agreement or contract; Volunteers cannot sign these.

Our insurer Marsh will not accept the negligence of another organization.