For Scouters


All Scouts Canada Volunteers complete the same screening and training so that they can facilitate great safe Scouting adventures for Canadian youth.

These steps are:

• An Interview (Int) with two active Scouters, both with Volunteer Screening training

• Reference Checks (Ref)

• Code of Conduct (CoC)

• Police Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Search (PRC/VSS) - must be less than three (3) months from date of issue

• Scouting Fundamentals (SF) with Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders (RiS) training - approximately 6 hours

Also includes Accessibility (Acc) training

• Council Approval (Cap) - verification by Service Centre that requirements have been met

• Within the Scouting year, Wood Badge Part I (WBI) training:

Wood Badge I for the Canadian Path - approximately 5 hours

OR Wood Badge I for Group Committee - approximately 2.5 hours

OR Wood Badge I for Group Commissioners - approximately 7.5 hours

When all requirements have been met, you will be "Ready to Serve" - a fully active Scouter, able to count for ratio.

Need training?  Scouting Fundamentals (including Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders and Accessibility training) and Wood Badge I training courses are available through the David Huestis Learning Centre to currently registered members only. Although you can access training while "Inactive", you must have a current-year registration/role.

Need a Police Records Check?  Contact your Group Commissioner or Registrar for a "PRC Request Letter"

What should you do with the PRC certificate?  As soon as possible after you receive your certificate (and before it is more than three (3) months from date of issue), please send the original document to:

Scouts Canada - Prairies Services
2140 Brownsea Dr NW
Calgary, AB     T2N 3G9

If you would like the original returned to you, please enclose a self-addressed envelope; we'll add the stamp. (PRCs will only be returned to the person named on the document and only if a return mailing address is provided.)

Want to know more?  Check out our National New Scouter page

Volunteer Screening Policy (click here to view)

Hierachy Terms

"Section" - age-based program groupings of participants and volunteers

  • Beaver Colony - for ages 5 to 7 years
  • Cub Pack - for ages 8 to 10 years
  • Scout Troop - for ages 11 to 14 years
  • Venturer Company - for ages 15 to 17 years
  • Rover Crew - for ages 18 to 26 years

"Section Scouter" - a registered volunteer who supports the Section

  • Colony Scouter
  • Pack Scouter
  • Troop Scouter
  • Company Scouter
  • Crew Scouter

"Contact [Section] Scouter" - the team lead

"Group" - made up of one of more Sections and a Committee of volunteers to direct support the Section(s) participants and volunteers

Who works with new Applicants/Scouters?
• The Group Commissioner
• The Section Contact Scouter

Who else will help?
• The Group Administrator, Registrar and Treasurer
• Support Scouters

• Prairies Service Centre Staff
• The Scouts Canada Help Centre

Who is responsible?
• The Group Commissioner
• The Applicant/Scouter